Jul 9, 2023

Baltimore Business Journal Social Enterprises – Virtual Roundtable

Social enterprises are growing in Baltimore, but to be sustainable, they need to access capital that goes beyond investment funds and even the traditional ways of defining capital. Hosted by the Baltimore Business Journal and moderated by Publisher and Market President Rhonda Pringle, the panel discussion focused on social enterprises and the role they can play in having a positive impact on communities. “We need people to understand that you can meet your personal needs while you are helping other people by supporting some of these businesses,” said Janet Currie, president of Bank of America Greater Maryland, one of five panelists.

Social enterprise businesses can take any legal form — for-profit, not-for-profit, or other forms.

What sets them apart from other types of businesses is that a social enterprise organization leads with a mission tied to social objectives, said another panelist,  Jay Nwachu, CEO of Innovation Works.   Read the full article here.