Building Sustainable Neighborhood Economies


The Mentor/Trusted Advisor represents Innovation Work’s essential accompaniment and support resource for entrepreneurs participating in IW programming.  Mentors bring strong business skills and values-driven coaching in alignment with IW’s mission.


David Berman

Industry: Financial Advisory

Brian Chrest

Industry: Accounting, Tax

Greg Conderacci

Industry: Marketing, Education, Financial Services, Non-Profit

Tamika Cummings

Industry: Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Legal, Education


Murray Dalziel

Industry: Professional Services, Medical Devices, Industrial Gas

Natasha Dartigue

Industry: Legal

John Dinkel

Industry: Consulting, Sales

Shawn Gunaratne

Industry: Economic Development


Gen Haines

Industry: Development, Fundraising

J. Drexel Knight

Industry: Financial Services

David Krall

Industry: Medical Devices

Jim Kucher

Industry: Academia


Jim Linsenmeyer

Industry: Small Business Consulting

Robyne Lyles

Industry: Passenger Transportation

Kristian Marquez

Industry: Accounting, Finance

Andrea Marsh

Industry: Federal Government Contracting


Ann Quinn

Industry: Consulting, Organizational Strategy

Chris Rahl

Industry: Legal

Angela Tsetsis   I have been instrumental in building and leading successful commercial teams and managing cross-functional activities to achieve corporate goals. As CEO I created organizational cultures that fueled success through teamwork. I enjoy discovering what motivates people and strive to support those around me with kindness and understanding while providing timely and constructive feedback.  I am at a point in my career and life when I want to focus on giving back, maybe I should call it “paying it backward”. I was fortunate to have a few excellent mentors who helped elevate and encourage me along the way. In their honor, and because I am keenly aware of the challenges faced as an entrepreneur, I am looking for opportunities to share my knowledge and experience with those who are at earlier stages in their career path or company development, and particularly those who are working to improve their communities.

Angela Tsetsis

Industry: Biotechnology, Nutrition, Consumer Goods

Frank van Vliet

Industry: Higher Education, HVAC, Industrial Distribution

Vermeka White

Industry: Insurance

Ted Wiese

Industry: Finance, Investment Management

Tina Williams-Koroma

Industry: Cyber Risk Management