Aug 31, 2021

Mentor Spotlight – Natasha Dartigue

woman sitting in front of a painting talking and smiling

Natasha Dartigue is the Deputy District Defender for Baltimore City and has served within the Innovation Works (IW) Mentor Network since 2019. Natasha is one of our mentors that comes from a non-business background and therefore brings a unique and valuable perspective to our SEs.

Check out the interview to hear about Natasha’s experience mentoring through the IW GSBI Boost Program and her reflections on how her career in public defense informs and influences the role she plays as a mentor. She shares a story about a time when an opportunity arose for collaboration between her law students from the Public Defender’s Office and her mentee enterprise, Full Blast STEAM. She also shares her perspective on the importance of diverse representation within the mentor network, and why she would recommend IW to a prospective mentor.

Interview Questions:

0:25 — What led you to join the IW Mentor Network?
2:30— What guidance do you provide as a mentor?
5:23 — Why is it important to utilize mentors with diverse professional backgrounds?
8:13 — What is a story of impact you have experienced as an IW mentor?
12:32— Why is diverse representation within the IW Mentor Network important?
14:42— What would you say to a prospective mentor?

This interview is part of a 3-part Mentor Spotlight series. Check out the other two interviews with IW mentors Ted Wiese and Patti Chandler.