Aug 7, 2021

Mentor Spotlight – Ted Wiese

Man sitting outside in front of a window talking and smiling

image of link to youtube video interview of IW Mentor

Ted Wiese is a retired executive at T. Rowe Price, an impact investor, and volunteers his timein a variety of different capacities with Innovation Works (IW). As a mentor within the IW Mentor Network for three years, Ted has mentored SEs in every structured program since the launch of IW, including three IW GSBI Boost Programs, and two IW GSBI Accelerators. He is also on the advisory committee for IW’s Urban Wood Strategic Initiative.

Check out the interview to hear a dedicated mentor’s perspective on all things IW, Baltimore, and social entrepreneurship. Ted deeply understands IW’s mission and impact, and tells the story of his experience mentoring Mission Fit, a local, youth-focused gym, through the IW GSBI curriculum. He also gives an overview of IW’s Strategic Initiatives and the specific impact he has been a part of through the Urban Wood project.

Interview Questions:

0:50 — What has your IW Mentor experience consisted of?
3:47 — What is an example of a social enterprise you have mentored through IW?
8:55 — What role do mentors play in IW Programs?
14:41 — What impact do you see IW’s Strategic Initiatives having in Baltimore?
20:04 — What have you taken away from your experience as an IW Mentor?

This interview is part of a 3-part Mentor Spotlight series. Check out the other two interviews with IW mentors Natasha Dartigue and Patti Chandler.