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Innovation Works is fortunate to have a broad base of support from Baltimore entrepreneurs, foundations, and institutions with genuine excitement and interest in IW’s mission, values, and model. IW attracts investors who support IW’s investment principles.

Investment Principles

  • Partner with those in alignment with IW’s mission and values.
  • Prioritize attraction of new sources of investments into Baltimore’s social innovation sector.
  • Seek investors focused on social impact, not just financial returns.
  • Track, measure, and report outcomes to build long term mutually-beneficial relationships.
  • Invest in sustainable social enterprises that build thriving neighborhood economies.

Donate to IW

IW is proud to be financially supported by a wide variety of investors, including faith institutions, businesses, charitable foundations and individuals. IW’s general operating fund primarily covers all efforts to support Baltimore’s disinvested neighborhoods and supporting the development of the enterprises in its pipeline.

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Donate to the Frank Knott Founder Fund

Ignite Capital’s investment efforts are subsidized by grants from The Frank Knott Founder Fund, previously known as the Pipeline Support Fund, which cover Ignite Capital’s operating expenses, allows for grants to pre-launch enterprises, and supports the loan loss reserve for the fund’s lending activities.

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Invest with Ignite Capital

Ignite Capital offers 0% interest revolving notes and 2% interest growth notes to entrepreneurs that we invite you to invest into. That said, we understand that investing directly into Ignite Capital is not the right financial decision for everyone, which is why we have created our Co-Investor Network. This gives investors the opportunity to partner with Ignite Capital by investing directly into the social enterprises in our pipeline.

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Thank you to our institutional funders!

View IW’s Annual Report for a full list of funders
Annual Report