Social Entrepreneurs

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Meeting Social Entrepreneurs Where They Are

Supporting minority entrepreneurs–especially those leading social enterprises–is vital to the economic progress of neighborhoods and the overall well-being of Baltimore City. We accompany social entrepreneurs (SEs) through the full lifecycle of the entrepreneurship journey with our 5-stage Enterprise Development Pipeline, allowing leaders to come into the development cycle at any stage.

Learn More About The Pipeline

You might be a fit for the IW Pipeline if…

  • you are operating or have an idea for a social enterprise
  • your social enterprise is/will be based in Baltimore
  • your social enterprise is/will be economically supporting a historically disinvested community in Baltimore
  • you are seeking support resources to help sustainably grow your social enterprise

Application Process

  1. Submit Collaboration Form above
  2. After submitting, you will receive an email to set up an initial call with IW’s Pipeline Manager
  3. After your initial call, we will email you with our acceptance decision*
  4. If accepted, we will begin connecting you with relevant Pipeline resources

*If you don’t meet IW’s criteria of being a social enterprise and/or Baltimore-focused, we will refer you to other entrepreneurial programs in the Baltimore ecosystem

View Social Entrepreneur Resources

These resources are available exclusively to SEs in our Pipeline. Apply above to join the Pipeline!

Social Entrepreneur Resources